About Me


I got into the food industry to actively make the world better. The world has enough empty calories. We can do better.

If you:

  • have a mission that goes beyond growing your company to cash out quickly

  • want to work to propagate organic/sustainable/regenerative agriculture as a means of feeding the world and mitigating climate change

  • see your work as part of building a more integrated, balanced, and just food system

  • have a drive to move the needle

  • see making good food as a revolutionary act

  • want to make insanely delicious food

then let’s talk.

Hi. I’m Sam Kressler: culinary innovator, systems thinker, maker of delicious food, and owner of Stir Consulting.

I’ve been in the culinary and natural/organic food worlds for the past decade, working for early stage culinary and CPG startups, Fortune 1000 companies, and everything in between. I have cooked my way through NYC and San Francisco and eaten my way through a good chunk of the planet.

Although I am based out of the natural products epicenter of Boulder, CO. I have worked all around North America and pride myself on being able to both create a unique vision or execute on a client’s existing ideas depending on your needs. I care about food; how it tastes, how it looks, and how it is sourced. I did my culinary training at the French Culinary Institute in NYC, have a Master’s in Sustainable Food Systems from NYU, and am a Founder of Slow Money NYC, so I understand and focus on ultra-clean label product development as well as sustainable and/or regenerative sourcing.

I want the food I create to actively improve the global food system, which means building soil fertility; making sure that farmers and producers are celebrated for their stewardship of the planet; that under-served communities have access to high quality, affordable, real food; and that if animals are part of the supply chain, they are treated as humanely as possible. We can use food and agriculture as forces of good to heal the planet and environment. I am part of that fight.

In the end, I know how to make delicious, clean food at scale that is developed with manufacturing processes and margin targets in mind. Please let me know how I can help you.

Photos courtesy of Rope Swing Stories