Services offered

I work with startups and established companies across sectors including:


- Organic/Sustainable/Regenerative

- Food service

- Private label

- Cannabis/hemp


Consumer Packaged goods


Innovation Strategy:

- Trend-focused, food-first product line and/or multi-year pipeline strategy development

Full-Cycle Product Development:

- From ideation through steady state production including: gold standard, prototype, and final product development

- Special expertise in ultra-clean label and sustainably sourced products

- Working as an intermediary with contract manufacturers to ensure that your vision is implemented within the parameters of the coman’s existing technology

Commercialization Project Management:

- Bringing teams together to efficiently build and manage timelines, and identify and mitigate project risks in order to launch products on time and on budget

Stage Gate:

- Build out of a customized system of checks and balances that integrates into your innovation pipeline, allowing your company’s product development process to stay highly nimble within a framework that saves your team time, money, and human capital


Food Service/Grocery


- Culinary-focused recipe development for Supermarket prepared food departments and Cafeterias

- Includes: breakfast, soups, salads, sandwiches, hot foods, and grab&go items

- Emphasis on:

- ingredient-driven recipes

- hitting food cost targets

- food that looks/tastes fresh after X hours in a display case

- easy implementation for kitchen staffs with all levels of culinary training